Three Trends in Czech Street Fashion

Some places have a distinct fashion identity. The French are known for the capsule wardrobe while Italians are known for leather. The city of Prague in the heart of Central Europe’s Czech Republic has a fashion identity, as well that is showcased in popular Czech fashion and lifestyle magazines, and through observation.

The Process

One of the most reliable ways to get a sense of local Prague fashions is to perform a fashion count. This process reveals popular or emerging trends through a method that includes reviewing fashion magazines then setting parameters by identifying a set of styles to identify through observation. In this study, the fashion trends chosen for observation were pant styles, headgear, and jewelry.

Popular Czech Pant Styles


The count revealed Czech women in Prague favor skinny/straight legged pants. “[Customers] prefer to buy skinny or slim. They don’t buy cropped so much. They don’t like flare even though it’s in fashion right now,” said Ema Tomka a sales assistant at a local branch of the international clothing store, Lindex. This could possibly have to do with the versatility of this type of pant. “Thanks to the ultra-tapered hem, the shoes we choose to wear will always be on blatant display,” said Megan Blalock of

Hat or No Hat


The fashion magazine, InStyle Czech Republic shows few pictures of women wearing hats. The fashion count supported the magazine’s illustrations.

Rocking the Rocks


The fashion count revealed that jewelry is used sparingly to add a little extra something to an outfit. The lack of jewelry indicates a minimalistic taste.

Following the trends above in pants, head gear and jewelry will play a part in how well tourists can blend into the local Czech street scene. At least, for now.

“The fashion of the future will come from unlikely places,” said by Anastasiia Fedorova of the Calvert Journal. “In a globalised world with an increasingly universal, mass-market look, there is a growing need for fresh visual concepts from countries new to the fashion map.”