36 Hours of Music: Create your live playlist in Prague

Whether you spend the afternoon savoring a fine wine at a home production of Don Giovanni in its original location at the Estates Theater or enjoying a round of the Czech signature Pilsner Urquell beer at one of the many late night jazz clubs, Prague enables music-loving travelers to gratify all aspects of their musical tastes. Music lovers will never find themselves out of options in Prague, but those in the know about the best places to go never need to worry about feeling overwhelmed with options. Check out this insider’s guide to planning a no-stress 36 Hours in Prague, packed with musical variety from classic to new.

The Classical Tastes

Along with other European cities, Prague earns a piece of the spotlight in classical music – especially opera.

WHERE THE TOURISTS GO: Get informed about the top hot spots for visitors.

The Estates Theatre

Estates Theatre

If you are seeking the pinnacle of classical music in Prague, go to the Don Giovanni opera. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart premiered his classic opera hit in the historic Estates Theater in 1787, according to the theater’s website. Book your tickets ahead of time to ensure your spot before the stage where Mozart himself conducted whether you attend Don Giovanni or another timeless show that catches your eye. The theater is undergoing refurbishments but in business.

Address: Prague Estates Theatre building: Ovocný trh, Prague 1

The Rudolfinum

Rudolfinum SideRudolfinum Front

If you want a high quality classical performance at a lower price, the Rudolfinum is less expensive but a highly esteemed option. Housed in the building previously used as the Czechoslovak House of the Commons, according to the Czech Philharmonic, and located across the street from the Staromêtská metro stop, this music hall is one of the most prominent pieces of architecture you will see on your visit to Prague. Check the show listings for the Estates Theater and the Rudolfinum at Prague Opera Tickets or Classictic.

Address: Rudolfinum: Alšovo nábřeží 12, 110 00 Praha 1

BLAZE YOUR OWN TRAIL: Get off the beaten path and make your 36 hours unique.

The National Marionette Theater

National Marionette TheatreMarionette Stage

If you want to experience the classical music of the city but with a unique twist, the National Marionette Theater provides the perfect crossroads. See Don Giovanni performed with marionettes on strings, skillfully controlled by the theater’s professional puppeteers. If this sounds odd or silly to you, know that this is no children’s puppet show. The professionals create realistic and life-like movements of their little wooden friends. A show at this theater will give you a new appreciation for the merging of two art forms.

Address: National Marionette Theater:  Žatecká 98/1, 110 00 Praha

 The Trending Tunes

You’ll find plenty of jazz and alternative rock clubs in Prague. Options abound. Narrow your search with my top recommendations and get there tonight.

WHERE THE TOURISTS GO: Get informed about the top hot spots for visitors.


photo used by permission of expats.com http://www.expats.cz/content_files/2229/expatscz-relaunch-party.jpeg


Hip party-goers quickly find Roxy. Located close to the Old Town Square and often hosting popular DJs and bands, this club features laser-equipped light shows and a dance floor as big as its reputation. A popular destination for locals and out-of-towners alike since its opening in 1982, Roxy is a well-established name in the Prague night life. The music genres vary, usually leaning toward heavier, hard-core side of rock and techno.

Address: Roxy Club Prague: Dlouhá 33, 110 00 Praha 1

Jazz Restaurant Zlatý Dvůr

Zlaty Dvur

You’ll notice the predominance of jazz among many music-themed clubs and restaurants in Prague. Experience this cultural cornerstone over dinner at Zlatý Dvůr, where you can enjoy authentic Czech cuisine in a classy environment completed by jazz themed decorations throughout the restaurant – look for the iconic Miles Davis photograph on the wall – and live music every night starting at 7 p.m. Zlatý Dvůr is central, close to Old Town Sqaure and a great choice for a couple’s night out.

Address: Jazz Restaurant Zlatý Dvůr: Husova 242/9, Praha 1

BLAZE YOUR OWN TRAIL: Get off the beaten path and make your 36 hours unique.

Klub 007

007 1
007 2 Photo used by permission of Monika Černá, Klub 007. http://diskuze.musicweb.cz/media/k2/galleries/1220/09_10_12_The_Team_me_2copy.jpg


Escape the mainstream at one of the most historic clubs in the city. A hard-rocking musical home to alternative groups since its opening in 1969, 007 is no hipster upstart. Characterized by trending alternative sub-genres – rockabilly, ska, sub pop and indie – the club still retains its ageless spirit of rebellious fun from the days of student protests against the Soviet regime.  Enjoy an intimate club concert setting with small to middle name bands from the Czech Republic and all over the globe. The location is seven miles from the center of Prague but still accessible by public transportation.

Address: Klub 007 Strahov, Koleje ČVUT, Blok 7, Chaloupeckého 7, Praha 6, 169 00


Jazz Dock

Jazz Dock Jazz Dock Ponk

If you spend much time in the city center of Prague, you will often find yourself around the Vltava River. Whether you are walking across the iconic Charles Bridge, relaxing on a cruise tour, or renting a paddleboat, you will see some of the best views of the city from the river.  For music on the river, go to Jazz Dock. With luxury boats cruising past your table window, enjoy a hearty meal and cocktails as you discover the cutting edge of Prague’s home-grown jazz and post-folk genres with bands like Ponk, an up-and-coming post-folk band. You will see traditional instruments, but hear a new sound. Located close to the heart of the city to be easily accessible but away from the mainstream.

Address: Jazz Dock: Janáčkovo nábřeží 2, 150 00 Praha 5

Jazz Republic

Jazz Republic StageJazz Republic Posters

For a place to kick back a few of the local brews, Jazz Republic is a comfy niche that most will miss. Literally a “hole in the wall” with its main underground within the Müstek metro stop, located under Ríjna Street, you will feel hidden away despite the central location. The walls are covered end-to-end with band posters, and the live performers are some of the top names in the Czech Republic. Out-of-towners may not recognize bands like Blue Box Heroes, which includes members like Roman Pokorny, one of the top bluesmen in the country.  Any given night at Jazz Republic can boast similarly top-quality local talent. Since it is open until 1 a.m., make this stop at the close of your day of sightseeing – or at the beginning of your long night of fun.

Address: Jazz Republic: 28. října 1, 110 00 Praha 1