36 Hours in Prague: Shopping

By: Shayla Strange


Shops line the winding cobblestone streets in Prague. One of the best joys for the dedicated shopper is exploring all the Golden City has to offer from high-end brands to local souvenir shops. Europe has always been known for its fashion culture with high-end brands, but the city has way more to offer than just that. Parizska Street, which can be described as one of the most luxurious streets in the city, features a high-end retail culture that has been inspired by Paris, France. But you cannot forget about souvenirs when traveling to a different country, because they hold all of the memories you experienced. Prague offers a shopping experience even more satisfying than its food could ever make you.



Old Town Square is one of the most famous attractions for tourists who come into Prague and are beginning to explore the city. From the beautiful architecture it holds, to its statues and the rich history that surrounds the entire plaza, it is a sight that you must see. While in the square, you can see the gorgeously made Astronomical Clock that has been running since Medieval times and watch the show that occurs at every hour.


Staromestske nam. 460/29, 110 00 Praha 1- Stare Mesto

Stroll just to the left of the clock, and you will find Hotel U Prince. This is a hotel but also a restaurant with long history and it offers the most pleasant atmosphere. You can choose to sit inside or the best seat in the house, which is the rooftop that gives you a view of the entire city. The menu consists of many options such as burgers all the way to a fancy lobster dinner, so you will be sure to fulfill all of your and your guest’s hungry needs.


Parizska Street, pronounced as “Paris” in the English language, is a street inspired by Paris, France, and a mimic of the famous city. The street is lined with all high-end stores such as Cartier, Prada, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Burberry to name a few. All of the signs are just as they are in Paris, having only black and white words  — an infamous tactic that is used in the shopping capital.


Parizska 1074/3, 110 00 Praha 1-Stare Mesto

Louis Vuitton is a world-wide brand founded in 1854 by Louis Vuitton himself in Paris, France. It is one of the world’s leading international brands that sells everything from shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, handbags, and glasses. The store on Parizska Street carries products that you probably would not find in the United States since you are near where all of the magic began. Every Louis Vuitton lover definitely needs to stop in this shop to pick up great one-of-a-kind finds to keep their style a little ahead in the U.S.

Travel collection at Louis Vuitton store on Parizska Street, Prague.


Parizska 11/67 110 00 Praha 1-Stare Mesto

Just a few steps away from Louis Vuitton, you will run into Burberry quickly. Founded in 1856, Thomas Burberry established his brand at just the age of 21. It was initially a clothing brand that specialized in outdoor clothing and later evolved into a more universal brand carrying a plethora of products from trench coats to sunglasses. The store fits perfectly onto the street since it carries many collections such as their women’s, men’s, and children’s wear, which opens up the door for families and not just adults.


Parizska 7, 110 00 Praha 1- Kontakty

Jimmy Choo has its store located on the corner of one block with a large glass display of shoes and handbags that really invites the guest inside. The store is all white inside with elegant shoes and bags hanging up throughout. Since the store is on the corner, most of the windows are glass and give the atmosphere a very natural sunlight, which is great when it is a nice sunny day outside. So, while you are shopping you will never miss a beat of what is happening outside in the Golden City.


Staromestske nam., 479/25, 110 00 Praha 1- Stare Mesto

After an adventurous day of shopping and walking around Praha 1- Stare Mestomini Paris, dinner is right around the corner awaiting back in Old Town Square. The U Zlate Konvice restaurant is one of the best authentic Czech cuisines located in Prague’s Old Town Square. The atmosphere in the restaurant is very interesting due to the interior being equipped with stylish furniture and decorated with historical weapons and tin objects. There are many specialties from the grill ranging from roasted pig and pork hock to the Old Bohemian cuisine like the leg of the lamb, fried spinach, or potato pancakes filled with smoked meat and cabbage. And, of course, you have to enjoy your meal with the best beer they have to offer, Pilsner.

View of the Astronomical Clock, located in Prague’s Old Town Square.



Malostranske nabr. 563/3, 118 00 Praha-Mala Strana

Just across the river by the notorious Charles Bridge, Bella Vida Café is one of the many restaurants located around it. It is also one that won’t put a break in your wallet either. The café serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, giving you a feel for all of the tasty meals that they have to offer. The breakfast menu consists of omelets, bacon, yogurt and, of course, yummy sweet crepes filled with any fruit your heart desires. The courses range from 105 to 155 Kc which is only about $4 to $6 in US dollars, so go enjoy a wonderful meal for under $10 before beginning to explore the beautiful city.


U Luzickeho seminare 5, 118 00 Praha 1- Mala Strana

When visiting Prague, one of the first things you may notice at most souvenir shops are the number of puppets that they carry in the store. Puppets are a part of the history of the Czech Republic and are really influential to their culture. Truhlar Marionety carries countless puppets from those that look similar to real people to characters you may recognize instantly. A puppet is one of the “must-get” souvenirs on the list, and you will be very surprised at the talent of those who create them. The owner of Truhlar Marinety, Pavel Truhlar, is very creative and you shouldn’t be surprised if you run into him while shopping.

Outside of Truhlar Marionety in Prague, CZ.


Everytime you blink, don’t be alarmed if you see a Trdelnik stand on the street or a store just right across from it. Trdelnik’s are a well-known desert in Prague. The Trdelnik is a kind of spit cake that is made from rolled dough wrapped around a stick, grilled, and finally topped with a sugar and walnut mix. The cake can be stuffed with whatever toppings and flavors you’d like such as ice cream, fruit or even Nutella.


Melantrichova 514/3, 110 00 Praha 1- Stare Mesto

After crossing Charles Bridge and heading back into Old Town Square, the next souvenir you may find very populous in windows are the Czech glass that is sold in mostly locally owned Czech stores. The Bohemia Crystal Czech Art Glass store can be spotted just across from the square, and a trdelnik store, of course. Czech Glass is a very personalized souvenir that is creative and special to the people in the Czech Republic, so no one in the United States would have this glass unless buying it from here. It is one of the most frequently bought souvenirs in the city and, although it may be a hassle to take home, you will not regret buying this delicate piece of art.


Perlova 412/1, 110 00 Praha 1- Stare Mesto

La Piccola Perla is Italian at its finest with a plot twist of being super inexpensive. Just a couple blocks away from Old Town Square, the restaurant will satisfy all of your pasta and pizza desires. You will find yourself buying a glass of wine and pasta entree for only about $12 in US dollars, and the quality is fantastic. This restaurant can get full very quickly since it is small, so reservations are a must-do before going to enjoy some of this delicious Italian cuisine.

Czech Art Glass in the Bohemia Crystal Czech Art Glass.