Are tourists running the Czechs out of the center of Prague?

By Emily Turk Every time a storekeeper named Martin looked out the window of his flat onto Prague’s Wensceslas Square, something was changing. At some point he decided he no longer liked what he saw — the unrelenting construction of hotels, restaurants and retail stores in the historic buildings of …


If melodies make your heart beat fast

Music resonates at all hours along the streets and places of Prague, from electronic beats to the notes of royal trumpets. Prague has a rich music culture. Yet even the non-musical will find themselves humming along to the melodies and tapping their toes to the beats as they wander the ancient city. If you want music 24/7, tune into Radio One. Follow me and you will hear every note. And your ears will thank you long before you depart.


If you have a sweet tooth

By Kathryn Harris In a city of salty meats and kegs of beer,  satisfying a sweet tooth can seem daunting. The Czechs are …


If among the dead

By Will Robinson I’m  standing in a lamp-lit medieval tunnel underneath Old Town Square, unnoticed by the bustling bar crawlers above. A …


If in Jewish Prague

By Manfredi Tosini Prague is a city brimming with culture and history nearly everywhere you turn. Among its array of architectural masterpieces …


If you’re a hiker

By Laura Brewer Prague is a city nestled in a basin rife with historical intrigue, a spectacular castle district and charismatic squares …